Europe Release

The new album is now out in Europe via Cargo Records!  Click here to order from their site.

Alongside our Europe release, we're premiering our new video 'Guy Got Kilt', directed by the visionary Jorge Torres-Torres.  Go to our Videos page to check it out.

-Jun 14th, 2011 at 12:19PM
Sounds XP review
New York has never been short of arty, experimental indie and rock bands. So along come Columboid, formed just over 2 years ago as a duo and now expanded to a three piece. 'We Were One' is an intense affair, all tribal drums, dark synth lines (you'd imagine they've heard a Suicide record or two) and brooding vocals - one part Ian Curtis, one part Jim Morrison.

It all works very well and the result is a powerful, atmospheric record which holds its quality throughout. It makes you wish Interpol had taken this route for their last effort rather than retreading old ground.

There are no particular stands-outs, it's more a collection of post-punk infuenced songs which hold their own and have a unique style, despite maybe not quite reaching the heights the band sound like they're capable of hitting.

Overall - a good solid album, and definitely a band to watch.

-Apr 6th, 2011 at 11:37AM
Route Notes Premiere

The Decibel Tolls has premiered the Route Notes video. Check it out.



-Mar 27th, 2011 at 11:55AM
ZapTown Review

The debut album from Columboid began as a project with no direction. It all started with an idea and a name. The rest naturally followed.

We Were One is an awe-inspiring mixture of dark, cloudy, and intensely focused rock and roll firepower. Much like the Gene Loves Jezebel of passionately exquisite rock, Columboid fuses that in the hip-grinding opener “Guy Got Kilt” that continues through “Ignar.” What began as a two piece, Neil Benjamin and Ryan Hamilton, at the core are two people with rich ideas. I can imagine the two fighting to prove who is the bigger Joy Division fan. Maybe it’s Russell Higby (ex-Coyote and Man Man) and his thick reverberating bass strings.

That minimalist post-punk that echoed from the walls of Magazine and Television, ring forth through the songs of Columboid. It’s amazing just how easy they make it sound.

Whether it is the silk-lined “Route Notes” of the noisy dissident of “Statehoarders” — the first song that came together and was recorded, it’s easy to see this song as a starting point to how they transgressed as no other song on the album is quite this noisy — that bark remnants of the early ‘90s New York art rock scene, they don’t really let up.

Some songs spend more time diving into experimentalism (“The Contradiction”) while others look back to people like Roy Orbison for inspiration (“Jacklord”). Either way, it all builds to this grandiose surreal experience. And if that’s the case for the listener, I cannot imagine what it was like to piece things together in the studio.

-Mar 27th, 2011 at 11:51AM
Columboid is on tour!
Check for daily photo updates at our tour blog. And check out if we're coming to your hometown at our shows schedule.

-Mar 9th, 2011 at 8:01AM
We Were One is out now!!

Our album 'We Were One' is now available!  Get it on vinyl, CD, or digital download at the links below.

Vinyl and CD: Available here at La Société Expéditionnaire
Digital download: iTunes, Amazon



Our record release show is this Friday, March 4th at Bruar Falls in Brooklyn.  We'll be kicking it with NymphZoobombs and Victory and Good Hunting.

-Mar 1st, 2011 at 12:30AM
OMG Vinyl review
"A new package from La Société Expéditionnaire always puts a huge smile on our faces, they’ve consistently been one our favorite labels to deal with. This new release from Columboid takes things in a different direction than the slow-burning psych the label is usually know for though, instead offering a dark, moody record that carefully slinks through percussion-heavy, keyboard-driven pop and rock balladry without sounding too electronic or too poppy. This release really revolves around the tortured, heartfelt vocals of frontman Ryan Hamilton, he brings an almost Nick-Cave-esque presence that is hard to ignore. There’s also a heavy Doors influence, as you’ll hear below. You can stream the entire thing HERE. The LP comes on some stunning clear/purple vinyl and costs only $16 shipped at"

-Feb 23rd, 2011 at 6:53PM
Video shoot

Just shot a new music video for 'Route Notes', a song on the upcoming release. Directed by Frank Longhitano and Kevin Haus, the shoot turned out awesome. Copious amounts of fog, a baseball trophy, hoodies, you can't go wrong really.

Route Notes video shoot

Route Notes video shoot

-Jan 7th, 2011 at 5:52PM
Bmore Music Review on our Cruise On Your Own cassette:


"Columboid is an entity out of Brooklyn, and features past/present members of Coyote, Man Man, Vaz, Lewis and Clarke and Icy Demons. This is one of SHDWPLY's newest releases, with only 100 copies on cassette to be made. A follow-up 7 inch is also in the works.

The tape wastes no time getting into the good stuff, as the first song "Statehoarders" is a hauntingly warped take on Neil Young that you can somehow almost dance to. The cassette proceeds on only to chug out jam after jam of jaded sonics and tribal get-downs that are all bridged together quite brilliantly.

There is something inherently primitive about this album, as the often prominent synths seem to evoke feelings from deep within. Thoughts of cavemen dance parties are common, as the sonically stimulating themes fade in and out with tons of passion. It's almost as if Columboid aims to start a rave at some sort of creepy sacrificial ritual. And if that was their goal, I'd sure as hell be in attendance at such a warped affair.

This is by far one of the more interesting releases to grace my inbox as of late, and I look forward to more good things to come from the this Brooklyn duo. Hopefully we can bring them to Baltimore sometime soon, but in the meantime, grab this tape."

-Dec 31st, 2010 at 5:21PM
Welcome to 2011 and to the launch of the Columboid site.  Look around; there's stuff to listen to, stuff to watch, stuff to buy.  This year is gonna be pretty busy, so check out the 'Shows' section for upcoming shows. Let's rip shit up!

-Dec 31st, 2010 at 5:20PM